The Danish Ministry for Science, Technology and Development, which is in charge of electronic communications, has issued a communication implementing parts of Directives 2002/20/EC and 2002/21/EC with regard to frequency policy.

Bekendtgørelse nr. 142 om det frekvenspolitiske rammemandat came into effect on 17 March 2004.

The framework mandate defines the parameters within which the regulatory authority IT & Telestyrelsen (ITST) may act in order to prepare, make and issue decisions regarding frequencies.

Within this framework, the regulatory authority is entitled to made independent decisions regarding frequency administration, frequency planning and the application of administrative methods regarding frequencies.

The document contains sections on:

  • General principles regarding frequency administration (applicable to the way in which the regulator must carry out its duties).
  • Criteria for the way in which the regulator should administer frequencies.
  • Specific strategies for:

    • Public mobile communications and terrestrial mobile services 
    • Radio links and wireless access
    • Short range devices and wireless local networks
    • The use of radio frequencies for keycards, RFID tags, etc.
    • Radio and television

The complete text of the mandate can be accessed by clicking here.