The Danish Science Ministry (in charge of electronic communications) has asked the regulatory authority ITST to conduct an analysis of the potential barriers (legal, regulatory, technical, etc.) to the expansion of IP telephony.

In order to allow market participants and interested parties to contribute to the analysis, ITST has issued a public consultation document. It contains questions on the nature of IP telephony, security aspects of IP telephony, numbering, interconnection, emergency services, etc.

The ITST consultation document (in Danish only) can be accessed by clicking here.

The deadline for contributions is 23 July 2004.

This consultation is only Stage 1 of a two-stage process.

In Stage 1, the regulatory authority will study the contributions it receives, and on this basis it will identify the possible barriers to the development of IP telephony.

In Stage 2, ITST will propose ways to overcome identified barriers and will consult on its proposals. A second consultation document is expected in Sep 2004.

For a discussion, please contact Alexa Veller